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Maine Coon Cattery

The Maine Coon is the 'official' cat of the State of Maine; it's the oldest natural breed in all of North America. Though they were overshadowed for awhile in cat shows by Persians, they have now become quite popular, in part because of their independent, but people oriented personalities, who are generally good with children.

There are many 'tales' of their origins - including that they were a mix of cat and racoon (due to the bushy tail and coloring on some varieties).  That, of course, is not possible but it is likely responsible for their name: Maine Coon.

We are located in the West Suburbs of Chicago.  The Cattery is registered to TICA [The International Cat Assiciation] and we are a small home cattery where cats are raised 'under our feet' as pets.  They are our family members. Maine Coons love to play, so we see that they have active, happy life!

We are dedicated to raising beautiful, healthy, happy, and very well socialized cats... read more

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